October 26, 2014

Sunday reading on company building and more

An old, I cannot find the date but guess early 2000's, Harvard Business School interview with Tom Murphy (ex-CEO of Capital Cities that's now part of Disney). Some very good food for thought around building a company in no particular order: 1) management running the company like owners for the long-term, 2) responsibility to employees, customers and shareholders, 3) hire smart people and give them responsibility and share of the financial upside, 4) never do improper or unethical things, 5) care about costs, 6) be in a good business.

Business Insider: Why Selling A Startup For $20 Million Can Be Better Than Selling It For $200 Million. Some math that's crucial to understand for entrepreneurs. It all starts with understanding why you are doing something and what you're trying to achieve. More capital can help you achieve your goal, but it can also make it practically impossible to get there.

James Montier: Sharholder Value Maximization (video). A critique of the idea of shareholder value maximization and why it doesn't seem to work from an investor point-of-view.

NYMag.com: In Conversation Marc Andreessen. On technology, regulation and economics.

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