September 30, 2013

Swedish Syndicates Better Than Angellist? (if implemented by 3rd party)

I got a comment to yesterday's post on Angellist Syndicates, unfortunately unsigned.

"Agree. Frustrating that Syndicates are only applicable to Delaware based startups. My question is how long will it take for Angelist to move into the Nordics with Syndicates - or will someone copy the model first?"

I agree with the issue, which also includes US tax filings for investors, and hope that someone will copy the model and implement locally. Maybe FundedByMe?

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply Henrik. Didn't realize that I wasn't signed in before - usually Disqus does that for me automatically - will try with Google this time.

I met an interesting team recently working on a European syndication platform starting with the Nordics. Would be good to get your thoughts on the product. Fika sometime in Stockholm?

Benjamin Page