June 9, 2013

Delayed egoblogging

Swedish Startup Space: After Selling to Blackberry, Hampus Jakobsson reveals his new project. "So the idea with Dexplora was to build tools for sales people.What we very quickly stumbled over was the fact that sales people were so unsatisfied with their tools (the so called Customer Relation Management – short CRM – system) that they didn’t use it except when they really had to." I'm a small investor in Dexplora's seed round (pdf).

TechCrunch:  ShapeUp Club Pulls In Ex-Spotify And Stardoll Execs To Go Big. "Henrik Torstensson, formerly a senior exec with global music service Spotify, and Marcus Gners, from at teen girl gaming giant Stardoll, are now joining the company in the roles of CEO and Deputy CEO. Both have a history as advisors to the company, with Gners having been involved for over 3 years."

ArcticStartup: ShapeUp Club Recruits Spotify & Stardoll Execs. "The service is available in 12 languages, and they claim 4 million downloads, with 450,000 monthly active users and a growth rate of more than 10,000 new installs per day. These are already big numbers, but ShapeUp Club still seems to fly under the radar when talking about Stockholm. Perhaps we'll hear some new changes in the near future."


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