April 27, 2013

Weekend reading and viewing

Kinnevik: E-commerce and market places (Capital Markets Day 2013) (video). Kinnevik talking about its online investments (€1+ billion in investment) and Zalando founder Robert Gentz talking about Zalando. A relatively detailed look at Kinnevik's online investments and Rocket Internet's flagship Zalando.

VentureBeat: King overtakes Zynga as the largest social gaming company. "“King now has more than 66 million daily players of our games, and in Candy Crush Saga, we have a global hit on Facebook and on mobile,” said Riccardo Zacconi, the chief executive of King, in a statement." Another leading Stockholm-originated company becoming large internationally together with Spotify and Klarna.

Reaction Wheel: Andy Weissman on entrepreneurship, product development and the future of the Internet (video). "Andy talks about what an entrepreneurial environment looks like--even in a company that's no longer a startup, how Betaworks did product development, where he sees business on the internet going, and what USV looks for in a startup."

Swedish Startup Space: Joacim Nitz (Smartbudget): ‘It takes more than time, knowledge and a pretty website to deliver a good product’ "Until that model is possible for us we offer a “plus service” to those who want to get even more out of the tool. It has worked well in the way that these types of users are very happy with what they get, but also the users with less needs are happy with the free service."

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Martin said...

The Kinnevik part was very interesting - thanks!