April 21, 2013

Sunday reading

Information Arbitrage: Breaking Through. "The fact is that no matter how smart or hungry you are, it just takes time to network, acquire knowledge and experience and to feel comfortable in your own skin as a member of the start-up community. And this is a good thing. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, so be purposeful and focused without feeling like you’re behind where you should be."

Above The Crowd: A Rake Too Far: Optimal Platform Pricing Strategy. "High volume combined with a modest rake is the perfect formula for a true organic marketplace and a sustainable competitive advantage. A sustainable platform or marketplace is one where the value of being in the network clearly outshines the transactional costs charged for being in the network. This way, suppliers will feel obliged to stay on the platform, and consumers will not see prices that are overly burdened by the network provider."

Fortune: The second coming of Facebook. "When designers and engineers file in to show off their products, his first question is nearly always, "What's that look like on mobile?""

Index Universe: Nate Silver: Confidence Kills Predictions. "People tend to underestimate what the uncertainty that is intrinsic to a problem actually is. If you have someone estimate what they think a confidence interval is that’s supposed to cover 90 percent of all outcomes, it usually only covers 50 percent. You have upside outcomes and downside outcomes in the market certainly more often than people realize."

Yahoo! Finance: Twitter: Great Investor Tool That Won’t Make You Money. "But the true advances for small investors have come in free or cheaper investment information, tax-efficient exchange-traded funds and ultra-low trading costs – not real-time performance advantages."

Silicon Alley Insider: The Bull Case For Apple. "Now, however, the stock is priced at such a low level that almost everything has to go wrong for the stock to continue its collapse."

Charlie Rose: Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg on the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (video).

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