April 17, 2013

Osom mobile marketplace for vintage and fashion launches

Established web (desktop/laptop) category leaders are facing new challengers as the online world is going mobile (smartphone/tablet). One category that ought to be better fortified than most due to the buyer/seller liquidity requirement is the classifieds category with companies like eBay, Craigslist, Blocket and Avito. However, Swedish startup Osom thinks it can attack the market from an angle where the established companies have a chink in their armor.

Osom has built a classifieds app for iPhone and iPad, an Android version is coming later this year, dubbed as Instagram meets Craigslist (or Instagram meets Blocket for Swedes). The idea being that a beautiful marketplace, especially when compared to incumbents, focused on vintage and fashion could gain traction.

It's a tough challenge the alumni of companies like Videoplaza, Twingly, Headler and MTG have taken on, but it will be interesting to follow.

Download Osom from the App Store.

(disclosure: I'm friends with the founders of Osom).

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