April 23, 2013

Andreessen, Fishbrain and Netflix

Harvard Business Review: In Search of the Next Big Thing. "The best founders are artists in their domain. They operate instinctively in their industry because they are in touch with every relevant data point. They’re able to synthesize in their gut a tremendous amount of data—pulling together technology trends, their companies’ capabilities, their competitors’ activities, market psychology, every conceivable aspect of how you run a company." Interview with Marc Andreessen.

Swedish Startup Space: Startup of the week: Fishbrain. "Our focus is now on growing outside Sweden and we want to dominate the US market. Long term we are starting developing for Google Glass. The fit for anglers is exceptional!" I met with Fishbrain's CEO Johan Attby last week and wouldn't be surprised if they do well.

Netflix Investor Relations: Investor Letter Q12013 (pdf). "In Q1, we added over 3 million streaming members, bringing us to more than 36 million, who collectively enjoyed on Netflix over 4 billion hours of films and TV shows." Netflix passed $1 billion in quarterly revenue and made a profit of $3 million.

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