January 21, 2013

Stockholm as a startup hub

Anton Johansson, of Osom and Headler, has written a good post on Stockholm as a startup hub, especially in comparision to Berlin. I wholeheartedly agree that Stockholm would be well-served by another conference the size of SIME and a great English startup blog. On the other hand, I'm not sure that there actually are that many active Swedish angel investors in Stockholm. The best angel investor active in Stockholm is probably Klaus Hommels, who have invested in Tictail, Spotify, Stardoll and Klarna among others.

On a related note, this Friday between 18.00 and 20.00 it is STHLM Tech Meetup with Heiko Hebig (Head of Partnerships, Facebook) and Tyler Crowley.

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Anton said...

I have done some research on the angel scene in Sweden the last couple of weeks and there are more than one might think.

Just to name a few:

* Jane Walerud (Klarna)
* Mattias Miksche (Sportamore, Headweb, Posh24)
* Magnus Wiberg (Bythjul, Travelpartner, Rollup-kungen)
* Martin Wattin (Rabble)
* Gustaf Brandberg (eavtal, loadimpact, axis)

But there are room for improvements, for sure. Too bad so few of them are using Angellist. It's damn hard to find them.