January 19, 2013

High leverage companies

One thing I've started to think about a bit is the high leverage company. Not leveraged financially, private equity style. Rather leveraged operationally to produce outsized results of a small base of capital and people.

I'm thinking about if there are, in addition to a fair amount of luck, common traits or business model design decisions for those few companies that with little or no external capital and a handful or two of employees manage to build a company with revenue of more than €10 million, €1+ million in revenue per employee and very high margins (say 30 %+ net margins). And if it is possible to replicate parts of it in a systematic way.

The poster child of the kind of company I'm thinking about would be Mojang (the maker of Minecraft). Mojang is actually doing much better than the benchmarks I mentioned in the last paragraph.

There might be more posts on the topic over the next month (I hope I get around to write them and that I find a better phrase than high leverage company to describe the concept).

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