January 1, 2013

HBO Nordic - first glance

HBO Nordic is interesting as it is HBO's first attempt to go directly to consumer and not only via distributors. It combines HBO's library with licensed content, including the current US series available 24 hours after airing in the US.

HBO Nordic is available via the web, iOS apps and Android. The apps feel quite young, with occasional crashes and a UI that isn't 100 % nailed.

Business-wise it's a subscription (Visa/MasterCard) at 79 SEK per month. HBO is requiring a twelve-month commitment, which for TV isn't out-of-the-ordinary. However, with month-to-month subscription being the norm online HBO stands out.

With its unique and excellent content, HBO likely has some leeway in having stricter terms. It will likely hurt customer uptake some, but should increase average revenue per customer.

I'm likely going to be a subscriber at some point, but without AirPlay support and no current must have series for me personally, it's likely not going to be immediately after my trial period.

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