January 7, 2013

Android beating the iPhone for e-mail

The iPhone has beaten Android on overall quality pretty much across the board since day one. On the third-party apps side, there's almost been no reason to keep score. Google can boast about a lot of apps for Android, but anyone who's used both platforms know that the general quality difference is significant.

I started to use a Galaxy Nexus with Android 4 in September and I've found Android to completely crush iOS in two areas: general writing and email. This is probably no news to experienced Android users, but it was a big eye-opener to an old iPhone user like myself.

The built-in keyboard or the replacement keyboard SwiftKey makes writing much faster and the integration with Gmail and Google Apps for email and calendar is superior to iOS.

As email is the killer app that doesn't seem to go away, at least not once you're working, Android has taken a very interesting position in the market.

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