November 7, 2010

In the online industry a bad economy doesn't hold back big deals

While the the health of the overall economy is still uncertain, the health of the online industry seems healthy when looked at through the prism of mergers and acquisitions.

* had a successful IPO in London selling $912 million worth of shares and the share increasing 30 % on day one. Behind is a who's who of international Internet investors (DST, Naspers, Tencent) and the company operates the largest Russian and several of the largest Eastern European online services in addition to holding stakes in Facebook, Zynga and GroupOn.

* Amazon is supposedly going to acquire for $540 million tomorrow Monday. That is its largest acquisition since the acquisition of Zappos for more than $900 million in the summer of 2009.

* Google's head of mergers and acquisitions says Google is open to doing more billion dollar acquisitions like YouTube and Doubleclick.

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