April 12, 2010

Scaling, returning, learning - mix of articles

Mike on Ads: The Challenge of Scaling an Adserver and Scalability Follow-Up — The challenge customers impose on innovation. When a site/service gets big fast, it is as much about operating it as developing new features. Doing both, like Facebook for example, at the same time is always impressive.

Internet Retailer: Get Back - Return policies can win over customers, and there’s more than one way to do it. Zappo uses returns to drive average spend and thus revenue (as long as additional contribution dollars are less than cost of returns it works well).

Lessons Learned: Learning is better than optimization (the local maximum problem). It's important to keep the big picture in mind and not start to micro-optimize too early.

Venture Beat: China’s top four social networks: RenRen, Kaixin001, Qzone, and 51.com. The Chinese Internet is not like the Western Internet. Interesting data on four of the large social networks in China.

Reaction Wheel: Everybody's an ad exchange (The Thin Exchange, 1) and Open Source the Ad Exchange. Using the stock exchange and a 'perfect market' as the metaphor for an ad exchange doesn't seem like a perfect fit. The, not always perfect, electricity market is likely a better metaphor as an ad impression is not an asset but a flow.

Sticky Slides: CVs are coming to PowerPoint and Axiom One presentation. The way you say it always matters.The way to describe work history in the presentation gave me food for thought.

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