January 25, 2010

YouTube monetizing 1+ billion videos per week and Spotify sales are €50+ million per year

Some data points worth noticing in Midem(Net) Blog's Live Post: Conversation with Spotify and YouTube and BBC News'
Spotify boss Daniel Ek sets out future plans

- YouTube monetizes more than 1 billion videos per week (for each $1 in average CPM for a mix of overlays and pre-rolls YouTube has sales of $1+ million per week/$52 million per year)
- YouTube sells pre-roll ads in the UK for 15-30 pounds
- Spotify has 250,000+ subscribers (about 30+ million euros per year) and Spotify's "advertising business is in the tens of millions of euros each year" making it sound like it is at least on a €50 million revenue run-rate and growing)

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