October 20, 2009

Online video and venture capital links

VentureBeat: The future of online video: Q & A with Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire. "When you look at online video advertising, marketers are just trying to re-use what worked offline. I think we're going to see more hybrid video ads that offer experiences and ask users to engage. When ABC launched their catch-up TV services on ABC.com, they started introducing a really compelling format that used Flash to take-over the entire player environment with a rich, engaging and interactive marketing experience. In that kind of model, it is invitational, and the creative opportunities are pretty limitless. However, for media buyers, this is going to involve a lot more custom creative work, so it’s hard for such a format to gain scale."

VentureBeat: Ooyala gets $10M more for online video. "Ooyala, a video startup founded by a group of former Googlers, has raised $10 million in a third round of venture funding. The Mountain View, Calif., company sells its technology to companies that want to include video as part of their web content"

Both Sides of The Table: Retro: My Favorite Blog Post on Raising VC. "So for anybody who has been through the funding process before I hope that this will resonate and for those that haven't I hope it will be interesting. I don’t plan to write the authoritative venture capital blog, just some anecdotes. If you are interested in reading good blogs about venture capital my favorite two are VentureBlog and Feld Thoughts."

Both Sides of The Table: VC Seed Funding is Dead, Long Live VC Seed Funding! "See, I don’t think it’s a question of To VC Seed or Not to VC Seed, I think it’s the age old question of who you’re working with and how well they reference. I’m surprised at how little referencing some founders do on their VCs. I'll save that for another post. You're never going to have a gaurantee with ANY investor that they’ll commit to the next round. But great companies who choose great investors invariably have an easier time."

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