May 3, 2009

Spotify grows 50,000+ members per day

Last Wedensday I went to a breakfast arranged by Spotify. First Mark Earls spoke about his book Herd - the hidden truth about who we are. Dumbed down one sentence description is that humans are social creatures and not primarily rational individuals. Then Spotify founder Daniel Ek spoke, and some statistics on Spotify I think can be of wider interest (not all stats were revealed for the first time at the event, though):

* Spotify has more than 2 million users in total, and more than 1 million in the UK
* Membership growth is ca 50,000 members per day
* Spotify has licensed ca 8 million songs
* 3-4 million songs have been inserted into the Spotify service (it varies by geography how many are available)
* 1-1.5 million individual songs have been played


Anonymous said...

Isn't the figures strange!? 50.000 / day VS 2 million in total. That means that within the last 40 days Spotify would had it's 2 million users!?

I thought that they way more users that 2 million right now.

Either the totalt right now would be higher or daily figures lower!?

I also wonder how many days they have hade 50.000 new users per day!?

Or am I thinking wrong?


sriram said...

current membership growth could be 50k a day. historical daily growth could be less. :)

Henrik Torstensson said...

DE: I think Sriram nails it, when pointing out that as Spotify grows 50,000 users per day, the total number grows as well. And that historically growth been lower.