April 8, 2009

SvD.se shows how video blogging should be done

I like Utvecklingsbloggen's video interviews with people in the Swedish Internet and online media scene. Good stuff and if you like this blog you should head over.

A couple of things that a publisher can learn from Utvecklingsbloggen and apply to other niches:

* Production can be, relatively, cheap (Pelle is a one-man show doing the interviews). Quite similar to blogging.
* Being interesting beats production values. By keeping the format simple, filming the person being interviewed, the production value is still good enough.
* Video can be used to differentiate a blog and improve the experience. In the case of Utvecklingsbloggen video makes the person being interviewed come alive.
* Parts of the interviews are transcribed in the blog post in addition to the video content. Gives context to the user and text for search engines.

Topplistan med Kristin Heinonen from Pelle Sten on Vimeo.

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