February 9, 2009

Mary Hodder: Google laying off staff

I haven't seen a second source or confirmation on this, but Mary Hodder is twittering that Google is laying off staff (not contractors):

MaryHodder: "Talkng to friend laid off from Google Friday. Others in their eng. gp as well. They don't want to discuss publicly, but R ok w. my telling."

MaryHodder:"We think Goog is quietly laying ppl off so as not to alert press. Mgrs have mandate to reduce headcnt, no matter how critical the project."

johnbattelle: "@MaryHodder was your friend a full time or contractor?"

MaryHodder: "@johnbattelle full time eng on a critical path project. so were others.. 4-5 yr employees."

moon: "@MaryHodder These Engineers laid-off by Google, were their Projects discontinued?"

MaryHodder: "@moon no.. projects still there. my impression is Mgr told to reduce.. so they got rid of a couple of ppl."

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MKSE.com said...

But they still are Swedish students top choice of future employer.