February 2, 2009

Has Knuff gotten too mainstream and political-oriented to be interesting?

In the last 12-24 months I've stopped using Swedish blog aggregator Knuff to discover interesting blog posts almost completely. Sure, I quickly check it out every other week, but I just don't use it as a tool to find interesting stuff from the blogosphere any longer.

I don't know why, it has been a gradual change, but would guess it is the combination of politics, piracy (in the broader Swedish political sense of the word) and down-market, mainstream news (a.k.a. Aftonbladet) that just doesn't appeal that much to me.


Christian Rudolf said...

Knuff only shows a narrow part of the dialogue wich makes it less interresting

I relay more and more of individual aggregators of information like betalf

gudmundson said...

Twingly, and the flood of linkwhoring that succeded, killed off Knuff (or wounded it severely, anyway).

Pelle said...

I'm not visiting Knuff that much either, but I don't think Twingly killed it.

Before I was digging through the Knuff-network a lot because that was the place where the "blogosphere" connected to each other.

Nowadays the blogosphere part that I feel the strongest connection to, "bubblan", mainly meets elsewhere - on the microblogs, in Google Reader and through delicious.

The audience for Knuff has become more mainstream and "bubblan" has moved on - quite natural when one thinks about it.

Bengt said...

I think technorati and google itself makes for interesting findings. Also following good bloggers who scim the Internet for new and interesting things.

Martin på Daytona said...

Henrik, what do you use instead of Knuff?

Stone said...

Smiley är här för att stanna.