November 23, 2008

Sunday reading

Futuristic Play: Video up from Virtual Goods Summit, Metrics for Virtual Goods Businesses: The Whirled Case Study. My favorite blogger Andrew Chen and Three Rings CEO Daniel James giving a really good talk. Watch it. One point Andrew makes, which would be a good comment to the first paragraph of this post by Judith, is that CPM/CPA/CPC is not important except the difference in risk. Kejsarens nya kläder. "Kontentan är att man vid webbanalys måste se helheten för att undvika suboptimering. När man blandar in kr och ören är det lätt att man drar förhastade beslut. Att använda tid som fördelningsnyckel är ett sätt att försöka ge en mer holistisk bild och passar en del och inte andra." Pretty long post by Robert Sahlin. Worth reading if you acquire customers online.

The Equity Kicker: Firefox’s billionth add-on download shows the power of extensible platforms. Seems like the browser, in some senses, is making the OS a set of device drivers (the quality level of the debugging I'll let some else comment on).

Searchblog: IAB: Online Is Still Pretty Healthy, But.... Online ad growth was flat, at best, the first three quarters of this year (and it was in October a.k.a. Q4 the shit really hit the fan with regards to the economy).

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