November 7, 2008

80 % paying for IRC-Galleria

Futuristic Play: What would Facebook look like if it sold out to ads? Click here to see.... "The point is, advertisers are used to buying something very specific - they want IAB standard ad unit sizes, they’d like to do homepage takeovers and roadblocks, etc. And of course these are units that Facebook does not emphasize in their ad revenue process, because they are often annoying and obtrusive. Again, let's take a look at ths mockup with the Facebook homepage covered with ads for the next James Bond movie." IRC-Galleria remains the most active social media on the net. "How many of their registered users pay money for any of the services on the site? As many as over 80%. This number is significantly higher than any other conversion rate in any service I have heard of. I challenge you to find a service that would be "free, paying is optional" that would have a conversion rate higher than that anywhere in the world." Amazing percentage of paying members.

Bronte Media: Closest to the Decision Point Wins. "At the moment, current consensus seems to be that search will fare better and display will be hit hardest. But my problem with that is that it divides the Internet into two very broad categories: search and everything else (display).

What is a better framework for judging how different parts of display will fare? I have mostly seen by format (banner vs text vs video etc.) but again format is a very crude way of looking at things and does not correlate to gains and losses.

A better measure is some sort of behavioral index. With the consumer searching for 'asbestos cancer lawyer' on Google at index 100 to a group of High School girls chatting about life on Meebo at 0." A much better way of thinking about advertising spend than search vs display.

Lightspeed: Tips on A:B testing. "Some nuggets of goodness culled from the paper in no particular order (some sound obvious but read the paper to get more context). It will take you 20 minutes and you’ll use the lessons you learn for years"

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