October 11, 2008

Focus on what you can affect

There is currently no lack of doom and gloom, with Sequoia Capital's R.I.P. Good Times presentation being a prime example of that sentiment. No individual or Internet company will fix the credit crisis or stop a recession, but there still are things that to a large extent can be controlled like keeping focus on the things and metrics that drive the business.

Lost Garden: Rules of Productivity Presentation . "How do we get more work done? It is a question that every manager and every passionate worker faces. Yet, for the most part, teams operate on gut instinct and habit. The results are less than optimal."

Lightspeed Venture Partners: Usability testing slows down launch but speeds up success. "The most striking truth of the curve is that zero users give zero insights."

Lightspeed Venture Partners: Seven ways to boost your click through rates 25-50%. "Marketing Sherpa notes seven design elements to add to your banner ads to increase click through rates from 25-50%"

Startonomics. "Startonomics is a one-day workshop designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs on how to create simple, actionable metrics; and how to use them to make better product and marketing decisions for long-term growth and startup success."

Omniture: Optimization Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: "If you are in the process of testing today, I’d strongly advocate setting up segments so you can begin to see which ones behave differently. Targeting is a natural extension of testing, but don’t forget to go back and test your hunches as well, whether they apply to one segment or all of your traffic. Taking action on your data is the best way to do more with less, a strategy we will all have to follow more closely through the immediate future."

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