October 3, 2008

Bigger by the day, or not

Yesterday I went to the release party of Annonskartan.se, Ted Valentin's latest map project. Interesting idea, but it will be even more interesting to see if it can avoid the wrath of Blocket. Mapping is getting more interesting by the day (and the by the mobile devices used), but Blocket's strategic interest doesn't align with Ted's. Met some nice people (as usual) like Mjukvara's Christian Rudolf and Nätkoll's Gunnar Lindberg Årneby. And Gitta, Björn, Bloggy-Jonas and VA-Micke (who thinks I'm getting bigger by the day), IW-Miriam and others.


Christian said...

Jag hade en väldigt trevlig kväll. Gillar dessa underground relasepartyn

nu lämnar jag landet ;-)

Jonas said...

Tack för en trevlig kväll!