August 26, 2008

Ads and humans

Futuristic Play: Ad targeting talk from Community Next: People Not Pages: "Thus, for the publisher, the entire array of targeting technologies -
be it geo, behavioral, demographic, and other - are all about shoring up those remnant CPMs and converting those into near-premium pricing. For advertisers, it's all about driving higher efficiencies for gaining reach without dealing with the increasing fragmentation of audiences and meda."

Mindpark: Google Ad Manager (så ska ett annonssystem fungera): "Google Ad Manager är gratis (om vi inte sätter värde på den ytterligare insyn som Google skaffar sig;) istället för de galopperande summor som vi betalar till de kommersiella leverantörerna. Dessutom är hanteringen av systemet mycket enklare, och jag räknar kallt med att de sajter som idag sitter med flera lagera av traffic-tjänster har mycket att vinna på den här modellen. I princip kan säljare och producent, egentligen utan mätbar tidsåtgång, själva hantera sina respektive delar av systemet."

VentureBeat: Developer Analytics: Facebook game Mob Wars making $22,000 a day: "Developer Analytics says it has created its equations based on real datapoints gathered by speaking with developers and advertisers. To determine the monetization potential of an app, it combines the amount an app can make from running banner advertising with the amount the app can make from companies like Offerpal and SuperRewards."

A VC: The Human Piece Of The Venture Equation: "I’ve learned that nothing can replace the entrepreneur’s passion and vision for the product and the company. If you rip that out of the company too early, you’ll lose your investment. I think it’s best to wait until the initial product has succeeded in obtaining a critical mass of users and a business model has been developed that works and make sense for the business and is scaling. Then, if its warranted, you can sit down and have the conversation about bringing in experienced management."

A VC: When You Wake Up Feeling Old: "I honestly don't relish the idea of being the VC who brings the experience piece to the equation. I like being on the cutting edge. So I am going to try even harder in the coming years to do that. And I will rely on this blog and all of you to keep me there."

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