June 29, 2008

Weekly roundup

Master of 500 Hats: Chad Hurley, YouTube CEO/Co-Founder, talks to entrepreneurs @ June Startup2Startup dinner. Telling the story of YouTube.

Facebook. The valuation game Facebook investors played last fall seems to be catching up with them as TechCrunch and Silicon Alley Insider report that one or a few small shareholders are trying to sell (some of) their shares at a $3-5 billion dollar valuation (which still is 3-5 times what LinkedIn is valued at).

Gizmodo: Classic Clips: Bill Gates Chews Out Microsoft Over XP. Creating great and usable products is the best kind of competitive advantage you can have in the Internet space. If management doesn't own that issue, the problems Bill Gates describes in his flame of Windows usability will appear.

Tara Hunt: Happiness as your business model. [via: Fintsomsnus] On motivations and more. Describing why the notion of homo economicus is flawed and how other motivations drive individuals' behavior.

Jyri Engeström: Nodal Points: The Emerging Real-Time Emerging Web. Jyri's presentation slides from reboot10. Additional notes on the presentation from Joho the blog.

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