June 2, 2008

Stardoll and media consumption

Two weeks ago Mattias presented Stardoll at Google's European Zeitgeist08 conference. A good summary of and dive into the world of Stardoll (not least what our users had to say). The Stardoll specific part starts 6 minutes and 50 seconds into the clip.

I found the following comment on the presentation from Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP interesting:

"Somebody said to me that they went to the Google Zeitgeist... and there was a presentation on the site by three teenagers and the three teenagers were asked whether they watched and what do they do - this site was I think Stardoll where you build virtual dolls... And the three teenagers were asked whether they watched any television. They said no. I was talking to a journalist and he found that remarkable. Anyway so that's just another example of consumption as it's changing, media consumption as it's changing."

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