March 24, 2008

Weekend Roundup

The Web in Charts - Google vs. Microsoft-Yahoo vs. China
. Stats as charts. Interesting.

Mix '08 Keynote Steve Ballmer (interviewed by Guy Kawasaki). I realize I have a soft spot for Steve Ballmer, but the interview with him is interesting, non-scripted and quite fun (really).

Content targeted advertising on Not planned I would assume, but excellent targeting nonetheless.

No salary needed, post-exit. DI captures the essence of Niklas Zennström's life post-Skype in one headline. Full interview.

General Motors says it is going to moving a lot of ad spending online. Niki Scevak has a good comment (basically: it is a negotiation ploy).

Yahoo: we will increase revenue 73 % in three years, thus Microsoft is offering to little.

Apple had 14 % of U.S. computer sales in February. 60 % year-on-year growth, vs 9 % for Windows. It'll be interesting to see if the release of Vista SP1 affects the relative growth of Windows and Macintosh.

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