March 17, 2008

Monday Reading

Eric Wahlforss: In a post-scarcity publishing world, the key is to own the most relevant copy. "Let's go back to the cryptic title of this post. Since Flickermood seems to be available all over the place, the key, being a music service or a label or an artist in this world of link-passing, is to have the most relevant copy. With most relevant I mean the most happening copy, the most accessible copy, the most usable copy, the coolest copy, the earliest copy, the most exclusive copy, the copy with the best sound quality, the most permanent copy, the most remixed copy, the most authentic copy, the most interoperable copy, etc."

Daytona: Webben är inte till för att annonsera på. "Webben är inte ett medium för att sälja saker. Webben är ett medium för att köpa saker. Det är konsumenten som sitter i förarsätet. Det är konsumenten som styr över upplevelsen."

John Battelle: What's This Fascination with Ad Networks? (Or, the Online Media Business Will Be About Brands First, Technology Second). "While technology and ad platforms are essential components of digital marketing's future, they fail to address the core needs of brand marketers: engagement. And they fail to address the core needs of digital publishers: the support of marketers that allow them to make a decent living. And while Google is amazing, Google isn't a brand marketing-driven company. It's revolutionized direct response, to be sure. It's the most efficient harvester of brand equity in the world, but it's not built to create that equity."

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