January 10, 2008

Opera passing 300 MNOK in revenue in 2007

When I had a quick look at FAST two days ago, I was remembered of the other Norwegian Internet company: browser-maker Opera.

The company is smaller than Fast with a market capitalization of about 1.5 billion NOK. Revenue for the first 9 months of 2007 was 222 MNOK, with a EBITDA margin of 6 %. For the full year it seems like the company will make a small net profit, unless the falling dollar worsens margins.

Opera, like Firefox, has found a way to monetize their 'free' browser. Revenue for the desktop client went from 18 MNOK to 48 MNOK in the first nine months, and growing well over 100 % year-on-year in the third quarter. Worth noticing that growth came both from additional users and growing ARPU (i.e. more money per user).

Still the majority of revenue comes from license sales of Opera's browser for Internet Devices (primarily mobile, from what I understand), which brought in 174 MNOK between January and September of 2007.

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Kristofer said...

In waht way are Firefox and Opera not free? Except small thinge like Google being the standard search engine in Firefox etc (which most people probably want anyway...).