January 31, 2008

New personal favorites

I got asked by a friend which Internet services I've started using on a, more or less, daily basis in the last year. A pretty smart way if one want to capture changes in usage behavior. I might have missed some service, but these are the ones I didn't use, or didn't use very often, before 2007.

* Jaiku. I'm hooked on Jyri & co's microblogging service. Posting everything from a Good morning on the way to work to co-ordinating activities with friends. Use of mobile and computer-based web versions.

* Techmeme. A great way to discover the latest chatter in the tech blogosphere.

* Wall Street Journal. Paid for a subscription sometime last year and check the news at least once a day.

* Spotify. 10 years, or so, with Winamp is over. Listening to music = Spotify.

* Gmail. Redirected my @torstensson.com e-mails to Gmail and, naturally, use it a lot, both in a traditional web browser and from my mobile. Honorable mention: Google Calendar.

Witch Internet/web services did you start using daily, or at least several times per week, last year?


Rasmus said...

Nya bekantskaper 2007 som finns kvar i min dagliga rutin: Spotify, Jaiku, Google Apps (inkl Docs), Google Reader.

Martin said...


Christian said...

Håller med om de program du nämner, men vill även lägga till RSS-läsaren NetNewsWire. Sjukt bra, dessutom gratis numera.

Anonymous said...

Jaiku, Skitch (app för att ta screengrabs och rita, och sedan posta online), Ffffound (brukar kallas en del.icio.us för bilder), Anobii (spåra vad du läser och få rekommendationer) och Senduit (smidigaste för att bolla stora filer). Det var på rak arm.

Mattias said...

NetNewsWire - me too!