December 3, 2007

First Internet predictions for 2008

The first set of Internet-related predictions I've seen for 2008 are from Jeremy Liew at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Worth reading.

Which Internet-areas do you believe will be the most interesting in 2008?

2 comments: said...

LinkedIN kommer starkt nu på slutet av 2007. Jag tror även Twitter har mer att ge med sin mobila koppling.

På systemsidan ska det bli kul att följa Buytaerts fantastiska Drupal.

AP Maran said...

The first prediction would be the easy one, if you read some patent papers.
I say that during 2008 Internet will be reaching new devices like navigators but the big players like tomtom and garmin will make the same mistake as mobile operators and try to control the gateway, only giving access to what they want the users to see and use.

Second would be a comeback of something that was ugly some years ago, browser plugin advertising.
As I firmly believe that the advertising market will not become scalable. It will be intelligent - and you ask, is it possible to have intelligent advertising? Yes, imagine a plugin for your browser that is released by any "facebook, myspace, flickr, etc" social network and shows you advertisment that you've asked for as you want the information and what do you get also? Yes you get to not see your buying pattern online, you see it in your browser plugin only, there you save all your amazon/bn viewings, all electronics you've looked at, what you bought and at what price, what you have set target price for so you shop only when it's a bargain etc etc - the solution of boring surf to pricerunner and all other boring online shops.

maybe I'm totally wrong but this is a thing I would like;-