December 29, 2007

A few personal favorites in 2007

A few personal favorites in 2007.

Favorite blog: Futuristic Play. Original, high quality and actionable blogs posts.

Swedish Rookies of the Year: Personal while keeping a brand focus. Mindpark. Three, at times, (pro-)bloggers should create a good blog. It did.

International Rookie of the Year: Silicon Alley Insider. I like it more than TechCrunch & co, even though I don't always agree with Blodget & co.

Best Video: Charlie Rose. Interesting conversations.

Smart enough to make my brain hurt: bubblegeneration. Always bordering on being too far ahead of the pack. I'm grokking the 2005 posts now.

Best First Month of Blogging: pmarca. Marc Andreessen's first month of blog posts was amazing as he had a lot to say. It is still a good read, but if the current posts had been as good his blog would have been a contender for Favorite blog and it is not.

Turtle Award: Jaiku. I didn't get Jaiku at first, but once my friends got me to start using it I became an addict. If I was slow or if Jaiku is an acquired taste I don't know.

Best Music Service: Spotify (beta). It really is that good.

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