November 8, 2007

bubblegen roundup

On the big issues for Internet companies as well as VCs.

bubblegeneration: "What makes revolutionaries - well, revolutionary - is the desire to change the world. For the better.

Almost all of today's new market leaders, interestingly, share this trait: it is a deep genetic difference that underpins advantage. The deeply felt desire to change the world for the better is ultimately how radical innovators are able to explode value propositions, redesign value chains, etc."

bubblegeneration: "But next-gen media is neither mass media nor software: it's a new beast entirely. It requires a whole different order of strategic imagination, a capacity to advise to startups on next-gen business models, and a deep-seated appetite for disruption."

And some old media executive bashing:

bubblegeneration: "Wow, what a great analogy. See? The trains are like content, and the tracks are like distribution. And what consumers are doing is like little minicars going backwards on the tracks. And Google is kind of like a bunch of helicopters floating in the sky watching the trains."

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