October 21, 2007


Time for yet another Sunday evening news roundup (or in short YASENR).

Inside Facebook on Facebook standardizing application invites. Comments from Andrew Chen.

Chris "Long Tail" Anderson: Everything in the music industry is up! (except those plastic discs) And he doesn't take into account the money going to artists because they are brands (endorsements etc).

History might not repeat itself, but it definitely rhymes. The old privacy discussions surrounding online-offline advertising targeting integration (DoubleClick + Abacus back in the dot.com days) will likely resurface as Acxiom is doing the same thing today.

Martin Jönsson comments on the interesting acquisition made by the cash rich and highly profitable Herenco in the Swedish local newspaper market. Previously Herenco-owned Jönköpings-Posten was the only local newspaper without a news web site. Instead of launching one, they acquired the startup competitor Jnytt

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