October 27, 2007

Twitter is Jaiku-like

I really liked this quote at this Wedensday's Webbdagarna: "Twitter, the Jaiku-like presence service." The exact wording is probably a bit off, but it reminded me that our reference points are decided by where we live. Somehow I don't think Beata Wickbom would have described Evan Williams' service quite the same way had she presented to a U.S. audience. But I love it.


Id├ępappan said...

I guess it's relative the market penetration where the audience resides.

Worse yet I think statements like "Myspace challenges Facebook" is. A sad reminder of how important it is to offer a service journalists understand, if they're not into music, that is.

Id├ępappan said...

Forget about my first section. That was what you already wrote. Sorry. Promise to improve my reading.