September 9, 2007

Play, not storytelling

I find the most interesting part of online entertainment to be more about play than storytelling, i.e more about World of Warcraft, Club Penguin,, Hattrick, Habbo Hotel, Kart Rider, Battlefield and Stardoll (of course ;-)) than video and tv. This weekend the following game-oriented articles caught my eye.

The blog billsdue writes that the Chinese MMOG market will have a turnover of $1.2 billion in 2007, with the largest company rumored to make a net profit of over $100 million.

Sulake, makers of Habbo Hotel, spoke at the Austin Game Developers Conference leading to an interesting blog post on Gamastura as well as a weekend feature on GigaOM. Last (2006) year's revenue for Sulake was about $50 million according to the company, not $77 million which a New York Times article claimed.

BioWare's Gordon Walton highlighted 12 lessons from World of Warcraft in his AGDC speech. Some of the lessons: low system requirements (which also was true for Counter-Strike, seems like a platform won't get dominant if the price of admission is to high), quality counts, solo play important, don't tune for the hardcore, an accessible game is directed.

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