December 30, 2004


How To Blog For Fun and Profit: Welcome to the World Live Web!
Fast Company: Inside the mind of Jeff Bezos (augusti 2004)
Paul Allen: Blogging for the World
Ross Mayfield: DRM is Prohibition
BoingBoing: BitTorrent write-up in Wired
Long Tail: Is DRM Evil?
BoingBoing: Cory responds to Wired Editor on DRM. "DRM is not protection. There has never been a DRM-covered file that was kept off the Internet. Ever. DRM has never once in the history of the field kept a file from appearing online, or from being booted by organized crime pirates."
ideant: A study [via: Media Culpa]
BeyondVC: Skype and a headset for every CEO! "Sure VOIP is great from a cost-saving perspective, but having presence is even more important in my mind."

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